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Essentials Young Guinea Pig Food

Alfalfa-based Essentials - Young Guinea Pig Food is specially designed to provide high fibre, protein, calcium and energy required for young guinea pigs to thrive.  

Essentials Young Rabbit Food

Essentials Young Rabbit Food, which includes energy-dense alfalfa hay, was designed specifically to provide stabilized nutrients to keep young rabbits thriving.  

Essentials Adult Rabbit Food for optimum rabbit health

Adult Rabbit Food combines needed fibre with stabilized nutrients to assure a well-balanced diet when served with Oxbow loose grass hays.    

Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Food

Adult Guinea Pig Food is made from timothy grass meal, which includes the high fibre adult guinea pigs need.  

Essentials Chinchilla Food

Chinchilla Food to chinchillas of all ages to maintain intestinal health and prevent digestive upset. Buy One Get One Free on the 3lb bags!  Please note current stocks of 3lb Chinchilla Essentials is best before 17th January 2022.    

Essentials Hamster & Gerbil Food

Essentials Hamster and Gerbil Food is a complete, stabilized feed with optimally balanced nutrients that help maintain proper nutrition, weight, digestive function, dental health and quality of life for active pets. It includes a high level of fibre for digestive mobility. It does not include seed, high-sugar fruits, or artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.