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Digestive Support

Natural Science Digestive Support is a high-fibre supplement containing various herbal ingredients to support the digestive health of your pet. Chicory Root supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract while Ginger Root supports gastric motility. Size: 60 tablets.  

Joint Support


Natural Science Joint Support is a high-fibre supplement containing various beneficial ingredients to support the overall joint health of your pet.

Size: 60 tablets.  

Multi-Vitamin Small Animal Supplement


Multi-Vitamin small animal supplement for animals that are experiencing environmental stress or chronic health issues.

Size: 60 tablets.  

Skin and Coat Support


Natural Science Skin and Coat Support promotes skin and coat health in small animals.

Size: 60 tablets.  

Urinary Support


Natural Science Urinary Support is a high-fibre supplement.

Size: 60 tablets.  

Vitamin C Supplement tablets


Natural Science Vitamin C supplement is a hay-based, high-fibre supplement containing the essential stabilized vitamin C.

Size: 60 tablets.  

Wipeout Flea wipes for small animals

Our Wipeout Flea Wipes are manufactured using a patented blend of silicones, which form a sticky trap and completely break the flea's life cycle, and can be used directly on a small animal's coat. Innovation in the environment for the treatment of fleas, and winner of PATS Award 2011 - Retailers' Choice.  

Ear Drops for cats and dogs – Otodex

Otodex Veterinary Ear Drops for dogs and cats – For the treatment of ear irritation and otitis externa caused or complicated by infection. Contains a fast acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill mites. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Otodex Veterinary Ear Drops are effective in the treatment of the ear mite otodectes cynotis.  

Wipeout Household Flea Spray

Wipeout Household Flea Spray is an innovation in the environmental treatment of fleas. The spray is suitable for bedding and carpets. Do not use on animals. Adult fleas are rendered permanently immobile and the eggs and pupae are prevented from hatching. This breaks the life cycle and prevents re-infestation. Trigger spray bottle containing 500ml - 66% more product than before.

No Scratch – Helps stop cats scratching furniture

No Scratch spray will help train your cat not to scratch furniture, carpets and curtains. No Scratch contains herbal essentials that when sprayed on fabric surfaces discourages cats from scratching the treated surface.    

Cimicat® 250g- Milk supplement for cats

Cimicat contains easily digested proteins for growth, carbohydrates, energy from fat, and a combination of trace minerals and vitamins. Unlike cow’s milk Cimicat has a reduced lactose level to mimic a cat’s milk that is ideal for kittens. Please click here to download the product leaflet.

Formula H Disinfectant

Formula H disinfectant is used by the veterinary profession and top breeders. Used correctly, Formula H is safe, effective, and economical.